24. jul. 2011

You make it all a fairytale

All the memories is flashing through my mind.
Our memories.
It just hit me,
it's not what I expected. Not at all.
It's so much better.
Better than I could ever hope for,
better than I could ever dream of.
Right now, my life is a fairytale.
With castles and magic, princesses and stardust.
You are what I call perfection,
you are perfect for me.
The flaws of yours is the best thing about you,
they aren't really flaws at all.
You make me a better person,
stronger, more mature.
You see the best in me, I'm your princess.
With you in my life, with your name on my heart,
I'm happy.
With love, we can build our kingdom,
full of rainbows and unicorns.
And big rosa clouds.
You make my life feel like a dream, a fairytale.

Jeg ved det, prinsesser, regnbuer og enhjørninger er ikke lige mig. Sukkersøde, lyserøde ting er ikke mig. Men jeg er forelsket, fuld af savn, fuld af følelser. Og sukkersøde, lyserøde ting, er det eneste, der kommer bare i nærheden af at beskrive, at jeg svæver rundt på en lyserød sky. Can't help it.

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